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This poor kid came home sick as a dog on her second day of school and when her fever spiked to 102 after a cold bath I brought her to the ER – because I am a crazy overprotective parent, apparently.

Either that or things have really changed since I was a kid because I guess nowadays we don’t have to worry about fever til it gets to 104 or 105.

Silly me, I thought that was when brains fried, not when we were supposed to START worrying.

Moms know best though, right?

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    1. She’s better this morning. Yeah, 2 doctors told me 102 is no big deal and they don’t even recommend treating fevers with Tylenol til they get over 100.5 – I guess we’ve learned more and things have apparently changed since “back in my day.” Wish I had gotten that memo!

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