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I set my alarm for 11:11am so that I could make my wish today, on 11/11/11. I suppose there is nothing really special about this date, besides it’s palindromic quality, and the fact that we are supposed to make wishes at a certain time. I did it. I won’t tell you what it is, but I sure do hope it comes true.

What with the election this week, I’ve skipped two entire days of NaNoWriMo writing. If I don’t get any done today, I will be over 4,000 words behind the suggested pace, and that doesn’t frighten me, but what does frighten me is that last night as I was laying in bed with the intention to write my NaNo story, I didn’t want to. Because I hate the story. I hate it. 

I planned out a horror story – outlined the whole story of two siblings who move into a haunted house with their family and then, well, hauntings ensue. But unfortunately, my heart is far from in it, and I loathe to keep writing it because I know that when it is finished, I am not ever going to want to look at it again or edit it or try to salvage it in any way. 

I am going to take a leap of faith, I believe. I am going to give myself the next two hours to think about it, and if I can come up with a great “what if” (or even a marginally better ‘what if’ in that short span of time) I’m going to start over, and I’m going to write a novel in twenty days instead of thirty. My calendar is clear, my confidence is still high.. I will let you know how that goes.

In other news, I redesigned this blog again, and I think it looks HOT. So I want to make myself a promise and hope that I stick to it: No more blog tinkering until the new year. Because this one is a good one. 

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