New Day, New Digs

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I honestly didn’t intend for my new blog to so closely resemble the color scheme of my shower curtain  but as you can see up there, that’s exactly what happened. It’s a color explosion, an assault on the senses. And I LOVE IT.
I have blog ambivalence, is my problem. I am never satisfied with my blog design or CMS, and I thought months ago that I was so happy at and I was (am) happy with it in that the built in blog reader connected me to some great people, writers, and new friends. But, I am not happy with the limitations of it, and wanted to move back to self hosting. So here I am, welcome to the bright and shining new home.

But, on another note, there is that whole thing about how this year I have the intentions to be mindful and brave. Ah, to be brave.

Today I read some posts on Tabulous – a fine gal named Tabatha’s blog. In one of her recent posts, By the Skin of His Teeth, she talks about how her special needs son is biting his little sister, and she’s struggling with how to handle the situation. At the end of the post, she says:

I don’t hear other moms, of special needs kids or not, talking about their kids viciously attacking one another. I don’t hear about dealing with toddler and preschooler rage issues, if that’s what this is, I honestly have no idea. This is my first time parenting, I have no clue if this is a phase or if I’m looking at the makings of a sociopath.

And when I read that I thought I could have written that. To the letter. Because I have a special needs child, and I am hardly ever brave enough to blog about her. 

So, Tabatha, okay. I will make it a point to man up and join your ranks. Elise went through her phase of biting kids, she went through her phase of getting suspended from school in KINDERGARTEN, and thankfully she finally got her IEP. How sad is it, by the way, that I am ETERNALLY THANKFUL that my child has been classified as special needs in school so that they will treat her like the loving, sweet, capable and innocent child she is and not treat her like a monster, a bad kid, like they did before she was diagnosed with PDD & ADHD. Yeah. The truth is, I have no shortage of stories about this crazy kid.


I’ve just had a shortage of cajones. It’s hard enough being a parent at all and writing about your child on the internet, opening yourself up to the scorn and unsolicited advice of Alpha moms. (SHUDDER) (VOMIT)

I just have to buck up and be brave.

Feel like sharing some thoughts?