I failed and it’s okay.

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Well, I failed. I intended to blog every day for a year and I totally failed. But you know what? That’s okay. Whatever. I’ll try again next year. Or maybe I’ll try again next month, or maybe I won’t try again at all. Well, no. I will try again, January 1 2014 or before, because damnit I CAN DO IT! But I just have to find a way to do it that is right for me.

To be fair, my goal to blog daily didn’t really have much to do with blogging at all, which is probably the exact reason why I failed at it. The only purpose I had in doing it was to give myself the discipline (and gift) of daily writing. It turns out though, even if I do have plenty of things to say daily, they aren’t all great for blog fodder. Really, my life is very boring indeed, and I am shocked and amazed by how many women make their ordinary lives seem so extraordinary with their beautiful words.

It’s okay. I’m good with reading other people’s beautiful words every day while I keep most of mine to myself. Because, while I failed at daily blogging after 75 straight days, I’m currently on a 109 day streak of writing at least 750 words a day on 750words.com. I swear, Buster Benson should pay ME for using his service because of how much I boast about it. I tell every writer and journaler I know about the site, about the way it motivates me with the badges and the statistics and how I’ve learned so much about myself in the last 109 days because of it. So, I don’t really care as much about failing at blogging because I know that the words that I keep to myself are just as special, they are just as valid and appreciated for coming out of my tiny little brain.

I just kept typing and deleting ‘brian’ right there instead of brain because I have Brian on the brain. One week for tomorrow I will be leaving on a jet plane to take my FIRST! REAL! ADULT! VACATION! EVAR!!!!

I will be flying in to Phoenix next Tuesday and staying for TEN DAYS! During which time we will take a road trip that brings us to THE GRAND CANYON!! AND LAS VEGAS!! AND LOS ANGELES!!!

So basically I am having a mini stroke every time I think about the fact that there are only SEVEN! DAYS! LEFT! before I leave. I’ll tell you, when you are looking forward to something, time can feel like it is going really slowly, but all of a sudden things creep right up on you and they’re there, and I don’t even have a suitcase yet, and I certainly don’t yet have enough of the proper anxiety medication to get me through the two one-hour layovers I have on each leg of my trip. Oy. It will be fun though.

In other news, Elise’s school vacation came to an end today just as it seems the rest of Americans are preparing to start their April vacation NEXT week. Which means that since Elise had the dumbass first week of April vacation, there wasn’t much to do in the way of free activities that our county seems to offer in abundance between April 15-20. Let’s just say I was THRILLED to drop her off at school this morning. Le sigh. And slow clap to all you SAHM’s out there – I just don’t have it in me for full time parenthood. Slow clap, SAHM’s, slow clap.

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