Seriously, Just Go Sit Down

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Get your butt in the chair.
Seriously, just go sit down.

Open up your laptop to a new
Scrivener file, and of course
choose “novel with parts”
because we’re being hopeful here, and
you’re going to learn
to have some faith in yourself.

Just show up and do the work.
Your muse is a myth, he’s a figment,
he’s an empty promise.

No more of this trite,
pedantic crap.
No more of this:
I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.

Get your butt in the chair
and your hands on the keyboard.

Seriously, just go sit down.

I wrote this for week seventy-eight of the Trifecta Writing Challenge The word to use was: PEDANTIC (adjective)

I have been having an unbelievably hard time writing lately, and this silly little poem doesn’t even begin to describe how bad of a problem this is for me. Lame duck sauce.


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