366 Days Later

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A year has gone by since I started this blog… and it’s still online! Yay! 

I mentioned in the first post I wrote here on Giving Up The Ghost, that I reinvent myself on the internet all the time – not like I start new blogs and take on new identities or anything, because that would just be crazy – but I have started and stopped more blogs than I can count at this point, and yet for a year I stuck with this one. That’s saying something. I guess it has to do with the fact that I am madly in love with everything Squarespace, so blogging here has been nothing but a pleasure. 

Anyway, it seems that in a way I am reinventing myself yet again. I mentioned at one point that I didn’t want to be a mommyblogger, but with the things that have been going on with Elise in the last year, and especially after her recent diagnosis, I am having a really hard time NOT writing about her online, because the support from some of the other ASD bloggers I’ve encountered? It’s amazing. And necessary. And I want desperately to be a part of that community, to hear and be heard, to be helped. So yes, there will be changes afoot, and they will be Spectrummy and mommybloggy and I hope that current readers of this blog (you precious few, you!) will stick around for the ride.

I’m hoping that this coming year I will be a better blogger. I am going to do NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo again (possibly concurrently), I need to put my Life List back up here one of these days, I have to consolidate my poetry/writing pages, and I have to figure out some way to chronicle all the books I read without feeling the pressure to review them all badly (which makes me not want to write about them at all, because although I love reading and writing, I can’t pull a shred of enjoyment out of writing a book review whatsoever.) And there was also that 1,000 songs project that was awesome and I should have continued. Oh, AND Grace in Small Things. Have no clue what I am talking about? That’s because I’ve been fickle and lazy. Ah, well.

In honor of this bloggy birthday, I’ve made a list of my favorite/best posts that I’ve writtent this year:

  • In No Kart Races, I describe the ridiculous crash that never should have happened on my first (and hopefully last) go-kart race
  • I follow a popular prompt and write one of the most moving things I’ve ever written that still makes me cry when I reread it in Where I’m From
  • I write about what working on a political campaign has meant to me over the last year in Mr. Mayor (Daryl and I have since become good friends and I am even more excited to participate in another local election!)
  • The Hannah Sketches is probably the one must-read post on this list if you want to GET me. I wrote it a while after I actually started on the stories, but it talks about why I started writing them, and has links to the beginning pieces. 
  • There was that time that I ranted, On “Friends,” and if you are a friend, that’s probably another one you should read. 
  • When America was getting stupid and some states wanted to require a transvaginal ultrasound before an abortion, I wrote bluntly about my own experience being probed in Leave My Vagina Alone!
  • Just before starting work on The Scope Magazine, I wrote another political piece that I shared, Why I Support the Occupy Movement
  • I talk about writing a novel last year and what has happened since in Shame Has Its Place
  • And I tell the world that my daughter Elise has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS, an autism spectrum disorder, in THAT Word

 That’s that, another year, randomly marked by the beginning of something I had no idea how long would last or whether it would matter – but it did. This has mattered. But with all things in life, I am looking forward and wanting more – and hoping you will get there with me. 


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