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Today’s photo prompt was “8 o’clock” and I took this picture on my way downstairs after putting Elise to bed:

The light in the entry/stairway of this house we are renting is phenomenal at pretty much every moment of the day. Before we leave, I want to take a whole series of photos of it. The house itself is pretty standard as far as New England houses go – but this light! It’s different here.

Today I had another, more close encounter with a seal at the beach. My dad and I really got into the swimming today, and it was pretty great. The waves here are much bigger than what I am used to at home, and I could spend hours and hours riding the swells and dips of the waves. It’s so fun, and yet relaxing, and yet when you finally race the break of the waves out of the water, there is this perfect whole body exhaustion that you just don’t get any other way. 

I was so careful to apply and reapply and reapply sunscreen and spend most of my beach time under an umbrella (because I’m lame) because I think I am, like, allergic to the sun? At any rate, I am just overly sensitive. I am not sure whether other people can feel themselves cooking quite like I can, but what really bothers me is what the sun does to my hands. MY HANDS. 

I’m not even going to bother describing it now. Wait another day and I will SHOW YOU the horror of what happens to my skin after too much time in the sun. 

There are a multitude of reasons that I will die alone. Lizard hands is only one of them. 

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