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Almost didn’t post today because I’ve been messing around with my blog theme (again) for the last couple of hours INSTEAD of actually blogging. Which probably matters to no one but me, but yesterday and today I’m having another one of those sort of existential blog crises where I don’t know what I am doing or for what purpose so until I can figure those things out it makes it pretty hard to do it at all.

I’m stuck in indecision land.

What kind of blog do I want to have?

How much do I want to share?

What do I want to get out of this whole experience?

Do you ever ask yourself those questions?

I sure do. I ask myself all the time whether it is okay to do this or that on my own blog. As if I am playing by anyones rules.

You know, I don’t want to title this post, because this post is nothing but a stream of consciousness rant, so I am not going to.

So there, you asshole king of blogging that doesn’t even exist! I’m making my own rules now! I’ll do what I want!

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