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What a day today.

I got up late but still managed to get Elise and I dressed and to school on time, then went directly to the laundromat to do $30 worth of laundry, which is two weeks and one messy old car’s treasure trove of dirty towels, hoodies, and beach blankets filled with last summer’s sand.

Work was so dead tonight they ended up having mercy on me and sending me home because it was so dead, I made NO money tonight after paying Jill to babysit.

I get right in the shower and when I come out I find Elise hiding under her covers in her bed crying.


She swears it was because she REALLY misses her aunt. Which is so cute but sad, it made me tear up a little too.

My friend Robert came over and we watched The Houses October Built, and it was super F’ed up and gave me the creeps!

Now I have these goals, like going to sleep before midnight, and writing tomorrow.

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