A List of Blog Posts I Want to Write But Haven’t Since I’m So Lazy

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  • A review of Station Eleven
  • A review of Unbroken
  • A review of this pretty whack-ass movie I just watched, Deliver Us From Evil
  • Approximately 5 weeks of Sharing My World Posts
  • The first, and second, and third, and so on.. in a series of Waitress Woes
  • The one about that time I printed out my most recent MS
  • One about cleaning, and not cleaning my house, and how I feel about clean houses
  • One about why I maybe haven’t been writing
  • One about why I post after 11pm every night
  • At least a dozen on the cool things I’ve found online lately
  • All the writing challenges I can find (LOL, HAR DE HAR HAR)

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