A New Arrangement

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I went to IKEA with Jill the other day, pretty much because I CAN! I have a car that works now, and also it’s a Jeep! So I can just hop in it whenever I am so inclined and drive to IKEA and not worry about how I am going to get my furniture home because if need be, I can just strap that shit to the roof!

I got two KALLAX bookcases and hauled them into my house and built them in an hour and a half all my myself.

Well, Elise helped a little bit. She handed me dowels and held up one side for a minute. We’ll give her some credit.

I like the new look:


I need to get something for that far left corner, maybe a plant, maybe a corner shelf. It just looks to bare over there. I still have a lot of stuff I need to reorganize and put away, but I am already thinking that I finally have enough storage to make up for not having a shed to put all of my crap in.

I am really growing out of this wonderful little trailer. I’m starting to get anxious to move..

Feel like sharing some thoughts?