A ton of bricks

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It’s my high school love’s birthday today.

Isn’t it stupid how we hold on to these little bits of information that become useless after a while? I think it would be great to be able to delete memories from our lives that we don’t want anymore, a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. 

If I could just be like, No, I am sick and tired of thinking of you every single May 20th for the last eighteen years, DELETE

That would be great, I’d take it.

I always refer to my burdens as bricks.

I’ve been thinking a lot about bricks lately since I’ve been putting so many down.

What did it feel like after you finally confronted her and got it over with?

It felt fucking great. It was incredible weight off my shoulders. It was like laying down a ton of bricks.

It changes you, this lightening.

It’s changing me.

It’s made me feel lighter in a number of existential ways, it’s abled me to open up and make room and let new things in.

It’s a gift.

Lay down your bricks, my friends.

See what it can do for you.


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2 Comments on “A ton of bricks”

  1. I actually thought exactly the same thing in my drive home from work yesterday about how nice it would be to just forget. Then I decided it might not be because, if applied properly, they’re memories of good times. It’s great that you were able to put your bricks down.

    1. It really would be a double edged sword, being able to erase memories at your choosing. Doing so would erase a part of who you are whether they were bad or good memories to begin with.

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