A Very Merry Half-Birthday

CheneyDaily Photo, Writing Challenges8 Comments

Today’s your half-birthday.

Arms and legs lengthening,
all your sentences getting snappier.

You’re halfway grown.

I know you, now.

But mountains will rise
and red tides will come,
sooner than we both can handle.

Who will you be, girl?

Where will you go?

8 Comments on “A Very Merry Half-Birthday”

  1. This reminds me of the scene in Inside Out when the main character’s personality interface is upgraded and Fear sees a new red blinking panic button asks, “What’s poo-bur-tee?”

    1. Haha we haven’t seen it yet! I think we’re going tomorrow if it rains. I hear it’s incredible!

  2. Such a sweet tribute that captures the uncertainty yet hope as we think about our children’s potential and what the future may hold.

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