About the Obama Collages

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On one wall in my bedroom you’ll find these two Obama collages.

I made a series of four of them out of magazine pages back in the days Obama was first campaigning for president.

It’s funny, because just last night Jill asked me about these collages, specifically, do you REALLY like Obama THAT MUCH?

Well, I don’t know. I do and I don’t.

I think I was more interested in his successful campaign and the fact that America elected its first black president than I was about him as a president in general.

Certainly he isn’t my favorite president – that goes to Theodore Roosevelt, but alas, there aren’t any handy magazine images of Theo to make collages with. Bummer.

Today’s WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge inspired me to share..

3 Comments on “About the Obama Collages”

  1. If anything, you will have captured an important moment in U.S. history with your collage, and something else to treasure of “yours” by your family.

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