Almost Halfway Grown

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I had a bit of panic a few weeks ago at Elise’s yearly physical where her pediatrician kept using the phrase: “You’re almost halfway grown.”

Almost nine means almost halfway to eighteen.

Almost halfway grown.

And now the day has come and gone. Elise is NINE.

I remember nine being such a magical age. I can see that her imagination is running wild at about the same pace as her little mind is working to figure this big, weird world out. She stuck between being a little kid and a tween – and that’s an age that I can wait a little longer to come, thank you very much. I’ve heard bad things.


But Elise still believes in Santa Claus.

She’s still thrilled that he knows exactly what she wants for Christmas.

New Hello Kitty slippers? Check. Kinetic sand in two different colors with an accompanying play set? Check.

Her mind was blown by the new stuffed Hello Kitty though. It’s a punk rock Hello Kitty.

“it has a skull on it,” she keeps explaining to everyone she sees, without really being able to explain it.

(My mind was blown by the difference in the whiteness of the two Hello Kitties. Blegh.)

She’s still a little kid, that is what the great thing about being nine is. She’s still such a little girl, despite the fact that she’s starting to behave like and have the sass of a preteen.


She’s skeptical (and rightly so) when her grandmother gives her underwear for her birthday.

She’s over the moon when she gets a book of kids jokes to share with everyone she sees.

I’m trying to handle it, that Elise is nine now, that we have come this far and that time has blown by so fast. She really is almost halfway grown – shocking to think that HALF of my primary parenting job is already behind me. In another nine years she’ll be graduating from high school and going to college, and I’ll be alone again.

Okay, let’s not talk about that anymore.

Happy birthday, my dear baby girl.

I love that your favorite thing in the world is a $5.00 book of kids jokes I picked up last minute on a whim. I love you so much.


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