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So this ridiculous thing happened last night. I went over to my friend Maddy’s house to have a bottle of wine like we tend to do on Saturday nights, and we got to talking about technology, and computer programs, and how she wanted to learn how to do some stuff with her computer and I told her I could probably help because I’m really good with computers.

But then I said, “Oh wait, but I use Macs and you use Windows PCs… I probably can’t help you much, then.”

I explained to her that the last time I used Windows was on a clunky, massive piece of crap at my old job that was running Windows Server 2003. I wouldn’t have the first clue.

I’m an Apple person. I got my first MacBook laptop in 2008, and that lasted me until I got a great work bonus and bought a new MacBook Pro in 2012, and my baby will be turning 3 in March. But let me point out that when I say my original MacBook “lasted” me, I mean it satisfied me until I could no longer contain my excitement in upgrading to the new version, and the Pro, at that. My old white, plastic MacBook still works! All I need is to get the right cord and I’ll be transferring all its files soon…

So anyway, I tell Maddy this. That I’m an Apple person, I use Apple computers at home, I have been on team iPhone since the first generation and don’t ever plan on converting back to any other phone, probably ever.

Maddy sat across from me, nodding her head and smiling.

“I’ve got something for you,” she said. “Come with me.”

She led me down into her basement, rummaged around on a shelf, and then turned around with this big shiny computer monitor in her arms. And then I realized it wasn’t a computer monitor. It was an iMac.

“Here, it’s yours,” she said. She explained that she had bought it a few years ago and never really got used to it or liked it, and didn’t use it much. One day, she spilled a drink on the keyboard and couldn’t use the computer anymore, so she said to hell with it, and put it down in her basement.

I pointed out that she could have easily just gone out and bought any cheap $2o keyboard – don’t believe the myths, any regular hardware will work with a Mac! – but she just shrugged and said she didn’t really like it. She guessed she was a Windows gal.

So now I have this:


When I brought it home and set it up this morning, of course the three passwords that Maddy had written down didn’t work. I texted her and she didn’t remember the passwords, nor did she remember her Apple ID to recover them, because the whole computer was set up by her ex-boyfriend and she wasn’t in touch with him anymore.

So, I thought for a minute that I had a computer I couldn’t use without paying a large sum to a professional to hack it for me.

Then I remembered Google.

I did have to go to Staples and buy a new keyboard, but once I brought it home and sat down to do some hacking, I thrilled myself with my abilities to learn from what I read and follow a specific set of directions to reach my desired goal.

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who would be in my position but too afraid to knowingly and willingly set out to face something like this on their brand new (to them) iMac:


But I powered through the FIVE LINES of code I had to enter, and viola! I have a shiny new iMac. For free. From a friend who loves me and I love very much.

And to make today even better, when I went to Staples to get the keyboard I ended up talking to a manager that I knew there and he told me all about how if I switch from AT&T to Verizon, I could get a $185 instant credit ON TOP of the $140 credit I will get for trading in my iPhone 5! So basically, I get the 32 gig phone FOR FREE.

Actually, hello, MATH!

I GET PAID $25 to switch to Verizon and get a new phone!

So, if any people are out there on the fence, and if, like me, your current phone contract is almost up – you best get yourself to Staples and do this soon. And no, this is not a sponsored post. I just have close ties to the company because I worked there for a brief time when I was pregnant and my dad is a general manager of one of their stores. The company is doing really bad, as far as big companies go, because places like Amazon and Wal-Mart are killing them. Even though Staples has grown massively as a company and isn’t a mom and pop store anymore, I try to support them for tech and office supply stuff, because tens of thousands Americans work for the company and need to keep their jobs, including my very own Pop.

** End consumeristic geeky braggy tech post.

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  1. I’m a Windows PC person. Well, Windows 7. I haven’t heard too many good things about Windows 8. My wife is a Mac person. I am not a fan of her Mac. To me, it’s way less intuitive than my Windows laptop, but I’ve been using my Windows laptop since forever (well, since Windows replaced MS-DOS, anyway).

    On the other hand, I am a big iPhone person. Well, not that I’m a particularly big person, and not that my iPhone is a big one. But I’m a big fan of the iPhone. And tomorrow, my new iPhone 6 is supposed to be delivered. Not the Plus. That’s too big for a phone per my tastes, but the regular 6. I didn’t get it at Staples, though. It’s a company issued phone that is being shipped directly from Verizon.

    And honestly, I don’t know why I wrote this comment. I thin I’ll just go to sleep now.

    1. I think it’s funny that you say the Windows is more intuitive cause that is the first thing I always say when I tell people what I love about my Mac. I feel like it’s effortless to use, and any new feature or program can be learned easily.

      Also, jealous you will be getting your phone. They told me pre-orders are 2-3 weeks out now and I better order it ASAP before Black Friday!

      1. I guess it’s what you’re accustom to. I am so used to Windows that I can do pretty much anything I need to do easily. But when I am using my wife’s Mac Pro laptop (or whatever it is), I can’t figure out how to find saved files or where to save files so that I can find them again. And the mouse only one button. It’s all a big mystery to me.

        Of course, if I have to eventually move to Windows 8, that might be a big mystery to me as well. Maybe that would be a good time to consider a Mac.

        My iPhone 6 was ordered around 3 weeks ago, so it’s been a bit of a waiting game. But per the email I got from Verizon, it should be delivered tomorrow. Yay!

  2. You’ve got a friend indeed, Cheney. Beautiful! Way to be brave and crack the code, too.

    I’ve been won over to the Apple world since I went iPhone 4 to finally join the smart word 2 1/2 years ago and liked it so much that I went to the iPad 2 with a bluetooth keyboard instead of a laptop to carry around to write remotely at events instead of the company-issued Windows laptop when I still worked at the big daily. Our laptop at home is four years old Windows Vista, but I only use it when I have to attach pdf files for digital job applications. That’s still a glitch for my iPad Air Pages app, where I store my resume and write my cover letters. It can transfer them to pdf for emails, but not for attachments to Safari.

    Have fun with you iMac, Cheney. Go to town doing beautiful work.

    1. I am going to try. I updated it to Yosemite, the newest OS, so now I am playing around with that and learning all the new stuff. The syncing between the computer and the phone is instant and incredible!

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