And Then…

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I can’t remember if I even posted about this before, and I am too tired and lazy to go back and look and see if I did, but here is the finished product of a little something I worked on over the course of the last few weeks.

This is a really small pattern from the Subversive Cross Stitch book, and it probably only would have taken a few hours to complete if I had done it all at once.

It was fun and relaxing, a nice little hobby I had no idea I’d even enjoy.

I totally bombed the A-Z challenge this year, and haven’t properly blogged in like a month, but I intend on changing that.

Actually, there’s been some pretty big changes going on in my life behind the scenes, and I want to tell you about them, which requires some time to sit quietly by myself and write while I am not dead tired.

But I am dead tired, because since I returned from vacation I’ve worked four days in a row and another one to go before I have a proper day off.

I’m tired. Did I mention that?

I can’t brain. I have the tired.

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