Another List

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Today I wrote another list – 100 Things About Me. It’s something people do on blogs, but instead of it just being a random list, these are things that I have been wanting to talk about, or should talk about, but haven’t. You know, it’s part of that whole being open and honest and authentic thing. Also, writing more, which obviously I haven’t done much of lately.

Also, today I had a little fun on, drudging up some old posts from old websites that definitely need sharing one of these days soon. Memories are tough to look back on sometimes, but that’s life I guess. I’m glad I wrote them down to remember them. I am glad that I USED to be so good at documenting life, and now I just sort of suck at it and muddle through it, all half-assed. 

But, I’ve blogged every day since November 1st, and I don’t see a reason to slow down now. I just need to SAY things. I’m sure, if you are there, you agree.

Feel like sharing some thoughts?