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I’ve had a busyish week so far. Busy, but annoying, and maybe slightly boring in the sense that everything is exactly the same, but with slight differences that make things worth remarking on, I guess.

This weekend Elise had to make a recycled art project. At first I thought it would be a great idea to do a collage on an old abandoned canvas of mine that’s been getting dusty and taking up space in the hallway. We cut out tons of pieces of cardboard from the recycling bin and then went to A.C. Moore to get some Modge Podge to glue the cardboard on and came home all ready to do this great, fun project…. and the card board pieces, cut mostly from cereal boxes, just would not stick. They would NOT be glued down.

THEN I accidentally knocked over the huge 7 ounce jar of Modge Podge onto my wood kitchen table, scraped all the glue up with paper towels and more cardboard and then dumped the sticky mess right onto Elise’s crappy project all while cursing vigorously. Not my finest parenting moment.

I was so annoyed, because I’d had this plan all weekend, this easy plan that was now totally foiled, so I went online and searched Pinterest for ‘kid’s recycled art projects’ and found one that was even easier! and prettier! and that I would actually want to keep after!

So, back into the recycling bin I went and pulled out all of our toilet paper and paper towel rolls and we cut them into 1/2 inch strips and then after Elise arranged them how she wanted them to look (sort of) I stapled them together, and voila! A recycled wall art sculpture:

The other day I had to run a bunch of errands, like getting my oil changed and going to Wal-Mart for socks. Of course I ended up with tons of other great little things I didn’t need including this amazing squirrel mug that just might be the best $2.97 I’ve spent on myself in a long time.
It was early in the morning and I thought I heard people walking through my yard. Some trailer park mischief around the outside.
Also, last winter I started working on this blanket and came to the conclusion at some point that I didn’t like the colors I was working with. I pulled it out the other day though, and what do you know, it pretty much exactly matches my newish Ikea chair and ottoman:
But of course, I go to three different stores looking for more of this yarn, and of course, none of the colors match. Sure, I thought I got kind of close to some of the colors, but really, none of them matched, even from the same brand. The proverbial “they” really aren’t kidding when they say you should buy all your yarn for a crochet project all at once, no matter what the cost. Because now I’m in half a blanket and can’t really go on. Boo.
Other than that, more work – lots more work. I’ve been called in early and picked up shifts this week so I’m working like seven days in a row I think so my paycheck should be pretty big next week. Like maybe even $130 dollars. Heh.
I’m also reading Gone Girl, speeding through it and loving it, and hopefully going to see the movie next week with Todd.

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