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I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. 

A LOT of writing.

On Sunday, I delivered a copy of the story I’ve been working on for years to Dan and Alisha – I am not sure that Alisha has been reading it yet, but Dan has, and I handed him another chapter yesterday. Unfortunately, I have to wait for feedback. Or is that such a bad thing? The only “feedback” I have ever gotten before on this particular WIP is ‘Oh, it was great, I really enjoyed it.’ Obviously not what a writer needs, am I right? So I am hoping that Dan will offer me some constructive criticism, as he has done some writing in the past and he reads more than most people in my group of friends. 

One great thing about having that WIP out there, even if “out there” is just in the hands of my two best friends, it puts pressure on me to produce more. To write more, to do better, to keep my ass in the chair and get it done, because now I have an audience.

Anyway, I wanted to just write a short post to let any readers know that there is a new section on the site here – you can click the “Writing” link at the top of this page and it will take you to another journal page where more of my writing can be found. I am going to post some flash fiction there, as well as responses to writing prompts that catch my eye, and anything else that falls under that category. Also,

There is a new post up at Vampire Zombies From Space! – You can go read it there, or you can click the VZFS! link at the top of this site to read it as well.

Here is the first prompt I have responded to, and the first entry to the new writing blog – it’s about an Unusual Anniversary.


Writing prompt from Writer’s Digest:  

A special anniversary is coming up and you’ve decided to go all-out to celebrate. The only thing is, this is an anniversary of something unusual and there’s only one other person who knows what it’s about—and he’s uncomfortable celebrating. Write this scene.


I put out the crystal stemware for the dinner, and Roger looked on, not approving.

“Someone could break a glass. You know how much those mean to me. They were my mother’s.”

“Don’t you think that of all people, your mother would appreciate that we are using her fine china to celebrate this?”

“Celebrate!” Roger spat. “I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

I slunk over to Roger, put a hand behind his neck and pulled him in for a long kiss. I knew that he still loved me and that deep down he had appreciated what I’d done, but he drew away from me, a look of disgust on his face.

A seed of hatred bubbled up inside of me, and I pushed Roger away. 

“I knew you would be ungrateful.”

“Ungrateful? You killed my father!”

“I freed us from your father. I freed your mother from your father. It’s not my fault she didn’t make it out of the car in time. She knew the plan.”

“She was too old,” Roger shook his head. “Why did you have to do it this way?”

“Because driving the car into the lake was the best way to make it look like an accident. And it did, didn’t it? It’s been a year, and no one has a clue that it was us. So let’s celebrate.”

“You’re celebrating my parent’s death?”

“No, sweetie, that would be morbid. I’m celebrating getting away with murder.”


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