The Awkward First Post

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I’m a blog hopper, always swearing at the start of a new blog that I will be consistent and post there forever – no more blog hopping! But it always turns out to be a lie.

“Consistent” is not a word I would offer to describe myself to someone getting to know me. “Fickle” fits much better.

I have so many intentions for doing things, most of which I keep to myself, but blogging every day was always something I wanted to do and only did once. There’s too much pressure to perform or something.

Or something.

The thing is, there are so few people out there who really tell it like it is.

You know what I mean. If you go on Facebook or Instagram you’ll see all these photos of people looking great, having fun, traveling, doing fun things with their kids, getting married, reaching those weight loss milestones, cooking fabulous Hello Fresh dinners, smiling, celebrating, and so on, and so forth, every. single. day. Every day. As if they don’t have days, or even stretches of days, where they don’t get out of their pajamas.

I’m so, so, tired of it – and the thing that I am sick of is trying to BE it.

I just don’t have it in me.

I’ve blogged on and off since 1999. If I had been smart and resourceful enough to keep all my myriad blogs organized, I would have almost 20 years of continuous drivel content, but no, because I am a blog hopper and blog deleter and constant starter-over.

Here I am again, starting over.

New blogs feel like New Years Eve all over again, like, here are my resolutions, here is where I will do all the things!

So I guess this is like that, but isn’t. I just want to get this first post out of the way so that maybe I can come back one day and delete it and forget how freaking awkward first blog posts are.

Okay, that’s enough now, right?

Feel like sharing some thoughts?