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I feel like such a bad NaBloPoMo participant, because I have been so busy the past few days I really haven’t been able to get in some good writing, blog posts, and reading / commenting on the other great blogs, let alone even check to see what Yeah Write’s ultimate question was this week! 

Oh, the shame! 

I have one hour to relax and crochet before bed, so I’m binging on AHS and M&Ms, and plotting and planning secret, potentially amazing and totally scary things! 

And of course I keep telling myself tomorrow I will do better, tomorrow o will do more, but I won’t. Because I have to work early and it will be a long day.  

So just this, random and nothing. I’m eating chocolate and watching TV. How me.  

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  1. I feel the same way. I’ve been trying to read other Pepper posts from my phone whenever I have a minute or two, and of course, I’m resorting to picture blogs just to get something up! Maybe this weekend…

    I am covetous of your M&Ms. I’ve raided the pantry three or four times already tonight but chocolate has failed to materialize 🙁

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