Birthday Invite Hell

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Elise is having her birthday party in a few weeks because why the hell not? She was born on Christmas day, and we all know that a child’s birthday party on a weekend around Christmas is one that probably won’t be attended by more than half the people invited.

I feel like I booked the party a little too late though, or maybe too early depending on how you look at it. At any rate, I have to get these invitations out on Tuesday for them to have 3 weeks to RSVP. Do you think that is enough time? I hope so.

Being myself, I procrastinated and haven’t gotten the invitations finished yet. I had to make an insert for the invitation cards so parents could have all the info they needed, and I waited to get ink for my printer until today.

Then, I spent two hours designing an elaborate, colorful pool party themed insert which will never see the light of day because I am so fucking pissed off THAT I BOUGHT THE WRONG INK CARTRIDGES and can’t print them!

inviteblogpicLuckily I still have black ink, so I designed ANOTHER insert that is not colorful or elaborate, and two and half hours later I’m finally read to cut and fold 30 inserts and hand write 30 invitation cards. Elise is going to stuff and sticker the envelopes tomorrow.

Ugh. So that is what I am doing with my Sunday evening.

This coming week is going to be rough. The next day off I have is NEXT Sunday, and I am working two doubles this week. The money should be killer, but it’ll probably nearly kill me.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend if you are lucky enough to have one! (I consider myself mostly lucky, because I don’t go in to work until 3 tomorrow. Yay.)

6 Comments on “Birthday Invite Hell”

  1. Good mother, Cheney, setting up a pool party for 30! You rock. Elise and her friends will have a great time. I’m glad you’ll make killer money this week to pay for the pool party. 🙂 Two doubles. My feet hurt in sympathy.

    1. Haha hopefully it will be a good week. I feel after this weekend it can only get better. I’m inviting 30(ish) because with kid’s birthday parties you never expect most to come, lol!

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