“Blizzard” 2016

Cheney366skies, Daily Photo2 Comments

Two days ago I took a photo from this very spot of the sun rising across the street.

Today it’s a whole different scene as the full moon comes in its place, shining low and bright in the evening sky, and the “blizzard” of 2016 rolls into town, but so far things aren’t as bad as they have been predicting they would be.

The snow is falling steadily but not thickly, and the wind has been blowing and gusting and swirling it around in little ice tornadoes that Elsa herself would be impressed with, but not much is accumulating so far and for that I am grateful.

Later we’ll build a fire and watch a movie and have dinner that’s been cooking in the crockpot for a few hours now, and hopefully, when I wake up in the morning things won’t be too buried in snow for me to even.

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