Blizzard, Problems

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Yeah that comma is there on purpose. Because there was a blizzard, and then I started having all sorts of weird problems.
First, I woke up to this:

That’s my car. Buried in waist deep snow.

So I was like, fuck it. I’m gonna stay inside and make some BBQ chicken in the crock pot and pretend none of this is happening.

Then I realized that all of my neighbors were outside trying to dig themselves out of the snow even though it hasn’t stopped snowing yet.

My landlord was out there in his little bobcat backhoe removing mountains of snow from between my car and my neighbor’s. It seemed to me that I would be helped more if I helped myself and showed rhe neighborhood that I actually wanted to get out.

Thanks to my sweet landlord who worked hard all day to help us dig out, and Jimmy and Johnny, two neighborhood guys, (names have not been changed) I have the best cleaned out spot on the block, and was able to move my car to a parking lot that is only like 50 yards from my house so that my landlord could move more snow.

I finished my BBQ pulled chicken and then fired up some candied yams:

But while the yams were cooking my oven started going berserk and beeping, flashing F10! F10! F10!

So I shut the oven off and it stopped beeping.. Started the oven again because they still needed 15 minutes of cooking, and within like 30 seconds it started F10ing me again!

I googled it and found that the F10 error on my oven means there is a RUNAWAY TEMPERATURE. That is the exact wording that was used in the manufacturers’ manual.


I just waited a few minutes, lowered the temperature to 300, and cooked them the rest of the way. It started F10ing again, but the yams were done and turned out delicious.

So THEN after dinner I grabbed my laptop to write a post and found that my laptop had not actually been charging all the hours it has been plugged in, because the MacBook adapter is fried and was practically burning a hole in my carpet (and overheating my laptop, which explains the problem from a few weeks ago!)

So I wrote this long-ass post from my phone because I need to go get a new adapter before I can use my laptop again. Yay.

How was YOUR blizzard day off if you had one?

7 Comments on “Blizzard, Problems”

  1. You had one hell of a blizzard, problem day Cheney. I’m glad the landlord and the two guys named J hlped with the snow moving before you got F10d by the oven and burned by the laptop charger. Better things inside tomorrow, my friend. Knock on wood, we only got a couple inches of snow here, but it’s really cold.

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