Blogging From A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal: My Favorite Books from A-Z

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For YEARS I have been seeing bloggers participate in the A-Z Challenge, and every single year I don’t hear about it ahead of time so by the time I notice people doing it in April it’s already in full swing and so I don’t bother trying to catch up.

This year, that’s not happening. Thanks to Sheena at Not a Punk Rocker who wrote a few reminder posts, not only do I have a theme picked out, but I already have 23 of the 26 days prompts planned out already so I won’t be struggling to come up with something at the last minute.

So what’s my theme?


My Favorite Books From A-Z

I’m going to blog about my favorite books all month. Sounds like a good time to me!

After I picked my theme I sorted through my Goodread’s list alphabetically, grabbing links to each book on my list, and reminding myself of how many “favorite” books I have.

In reality, I seem to have at least two or three “favorite” books for each letter of the alphabet, so the books I picked weren’t the only ones I WANTED to pick, just the ones I wanted to share the most, because they were exceptional, and partly because maybe I feel they are a little bit on the obscure side and my writing about them might encourage people to give them a try.

I read mostly horror, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, and thriller novels, but it turns out the list of favorite books is pretty diverse. There are at least 4 or 5 non-fiction books, a bunch of literary fiction, some history, and even a book of poetry on the list.

I think that my challenge theme will appeal to anyone who is a reader – I bet you’ll find at least a few things that you’ve never heard of before and just might find your new favorite book!

I’m so excited about starting this challenge (and finishing it!) but I am definitely going to have to write some posts in advance and schedule them since I will be going to visit my grandparents in Florida in mid-April. But I won’t be daunted! Let’s do this!

22 Comments on “Blogging From A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal: My Favorite Books from A-Z”

  1. Oh, I am a huge fan of horror/dystopian type of books, so I will be interested to see which of those and what else comes up on your favorites list.

    I guess I did go a little reminder-crazy, huh? 😀

  2. Great theme! I did Awesome Lady Authors from A to Z one year, which introduced me to a lot of cool writers I hadn’t already read, included Xue Xinran (a double X!), so I’m looking forward to finding out what your favorite books are. 🙂

  3. Glad to hear you decided to join the challenge this year and that you have 23/26 of the posts ready to go! Organization like that is half the battle I think! Great theme too with books; everyone is always looking for a good book to read! Enjoy the challenge!


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