Boycott Black Thursday

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I’m not much of an activist by any means, but I think that if I have a blog and I have a platform in which to state my case and opinion on things, by golly I’m going to take that opportunity to tell all of my followers that I think you should all boycott Black Thursday tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It’s a federal holiday. It is, for many people, one of only two days in the entire year that they are guaranteed to have off of work – that is until corporate greed took over a few years ago, and stores started opening on Thanksgiving day to start their sales and money making a little bit early.

To me, it’s despicable. I read here that Kmart employees were not allowed to ask for Thanksgiving off from work, and if they were scheduled to work they would risk losing their job if they did not show up.

Well, guess what? Tomorrow my family is eating Thanksgiving lunch instead of Thanksgiving dinner, because my father is a general manager of a big corporate store, and he has no choice but to go to work tomorrow.

I hardly see my dad, we hardly ever have the whole family together now that my sister is in college and it’s hard to be together for very long on holidays because I share Elise with her dad.

It’s ridiculous.

It’s about greed, at it’s core. And I don’t think you should do it.

boycott-black-thursday2-300x300 Thanksgiving should be about being together with the people that you love, not shopping for the best deals.

Thanksgiving should be a time when hard workers get a well deserved break and a good meal to eat before a football game.

My dad doesn’t get to watch football with us this year. 🙁

I know, it’s not like I’m telling you you shouldn’t buy diamonds because kids are getting their arms chopped off in Africa… No one is dying here. I just want to be with my dad on Thanksgiving. And there are MILLIONS of American families – the hardest working with the fewest breaks – who are going to have their families broken up and apart, because rich bastard wanted to get richer.

Consider the families who don’t get the chance of having a holiday tomorrow. Don’t go shopping.

14 Comments on “Boycott Black Thursday”

  1. I’m not going shopping tomorrow, Cheney. On principle. I agree with you. All stores stores should be closed so everybody could be home for Thanksgiving. Great post. Enjoy the lunch with your whole family together. Happy Thanksgiving any way you can.

  2. I’m not going shopping tomorrow because it’s Thanksgiving. I’m not going shopping on Friday because it will be a madhouse. There’s nothing I need that desperately that it can’t wait until a regular shopping day. Good post.

  3. Yes…maybe… I definitely agree that working conditions should be better. My father-in-law is in restaurant management. Working around his job is always an issue for us when we visit. That said, a couple of months ago I read a blog post by someone on WordPress talking about how they WANTED to work holidays because they were paid time and a half and really NEEDED the money. It would be great if jobs paid well enough where no one needed the money enough to want to give up culturally designated holiday time for 50% more pay. However, some people do need the money, and that conversation left me kind of on the fence about the issue. If true, the stuff about Kmart is deplorable, and no one should shop there. I’ve given up Walmart this year for similar concerns.

    1. Sadly, my opinion of your friend’s problem of needing thst one day with 50% more pay, the job probably isn’t paying enough to begin with…. Can you all tell I’m liberal yet? Lol

      1. It definitely is not paying enough. That’s exactly my point. In an ideal world it wouldn’t be issue because the job would pay enough. But in the meantime, it’s just not clear to me whether boycotting actually helps the workers. If it does, I’m all in. If it hurts the people I’m trying to help, then I don’t know. That’s exactly why I don’t shop at Wal-Mart, because they don’t pay their employees enough and have abusive labor practices.

        1. I think the only way to take back the holiday is to not give the stores a reaaon to open. Yes, people would lose the extra money, but peoplevwould get the holiday back.

  4. Well, Cheney, I do think about all the people who have to work on Thanksgiving even though they are NOT in the retail industry. Think of police, firefighters, nurses in hospitals. For many years, my wife and I worked for the phone company as relay operators for the deaf. We worked every Thanksgiving and every Christmas. Should a deaf person be unable to make a phone call because it is a holiday? (That would be a violation of federal law, by the way.) I realize that retail is not the same as infrastructure, but we choose to live in a capitalist country so we really can’t complain about what businesses do to make money. And I’m glad that I no longer live in Bergen County, New Jersey, where the local “blue laws” have required nearly all stores to remain closed on Sundays, for decades now.

    1. Oh I am not naive, I know that health care workers and emergency responders and those who give care and services to others need to work. But no one needs sell anything on Thanksgiving or Christmas. No one NEEDS to make money on those days. And I am calling bullshit on not being able to complain about living in a capitalist country. I will complain all I want – when businesses choose this way to make a little extra money, at the expense of families? F that, and F them. Walmart was the first store that started opening on Thanksgiving. The company that arguably treats its employees worse than most others. Shocking that they began this. They are a disgusting display of capitalism, and nothing that Americans should be proud of.

  5. I had too many holidays where I (as a bartender) had to work, and I’m so grateful to now be in a position where I don’t have to be there everyday and can spend today with my family. I don’t think there is a bargain in the world that could entice me to shop on either Thanksgiving or Black Friday! I hope you have a great lunch with your family.

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