Brain Dump #1

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+ I am very tired. I am not going to be able to write a coherent post tonight, so instead you will get a list of thoughts and things.

+ I worked yesterday from 6:45am to 3pm. I got up at FIVE IN THE MORNING to do that, because yes, I really do need all that time to acclimate to life before going doing anything in public. And coffee. At least two cups. At least. THEN I worked today from 12 to 8:30pm. It’s good. I made beaucoup dollars. But damn, my legs are HURTING.

+ I’m background re-watching Jericho for maybe the tenth time now, because I love this show and can’t believe it was canceled.

+ I’m reading The Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, and remembering the movie that I watched so many years ago, and how much I liked it. So I’m excited about finishing the booking and then finding the movie to watch.

+ I have a little extra money this month cause I gave up something else, so I am trying to do something I’ve always wanted to do, which is buy the entire series of ER on eBay. I’m currently the highest bidder and it’s a really good price! Keep you fingers crossed for me!  I’ve never bought anything on eBay before, so this is sort of exciting for me.

+ The only reason I called this post “Brain Dump #1” is so that the next time I’m too tired to blog properly, I can write “Brain Dump #2” and feel totally cool about it because I made up my own series.

+ Kim Kardashian is totally naked all over the internet here on Papermag, and that’s totally cool because I find her totally fascinating. And yes, I did zoom in on that nude pic and see plain as day that this girl’s got evidence of having carried a baby. SHE’S HUMAN.


+ I have no washer or dryer, so I always have to find somewhere to do laundry like a friend’s house or my parents or the laundromat when I have to do blankets and sheets and stuff….. I totally spaced out just then and forgot why I was talking about laundry, but maybe I was just going to say I have to do laundry tomorrow, but that is so boring so I hope I was going to tell a cool story and just forgot about it.

+ I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve tried to type “about it” and actually type “abou tit” and have to correct it. And laugh because it’s the tit part that’s OK according to spellcheck. Cause tits are real things!

(Some people’s tits are real things.)

+ I’m going to have some ice cream now, I think with some leftover Halloween candy in it. I’m gonna really pig out and it’s gonna be awesome.


+ My kid’s cute, and I love her sooo much.

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  1. Your kid is cute, and a brain dump post is cool, Cheney, columnists write them all the time, so I consider this blogging properly, and not a dump at all! I hope the ice cream pig out rocked. And that your bid snagged ‘ER’ on eBay. What a great show that was. Good taste, Cheney.

  2. Sometimes one needs to brain dump and relax and that’s cool. Love the name btw. Did you win the series? I love it is when eBay bids get hot and furious then one wins woohoo

  3. I felt it very Joycean in its stream of consciousness. 🙂 I would love to borrow the concept if I may. By the time I get home some nights, my head’s a blender (the kind without frozen margaritas, alas) and pouring some of it out on paper might be all I can manage.

    1. I don’t think I came up with this idea, lol, it’s just a list of unrelated thoughts. Do it though, Brain Dump away! [makes silly brain fart noises]

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