Brain Dump #2

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+ It’s another one of those days where I am too tired and frazzled for a real post. So you get… a BRAIN DUMP!

+ I spent two hours tonight setting Elise up with her own user on the new iMac and setting all the parental controls so she can’t buy things – it’s all working, except in all that time I only downloaded THREE apps for her that worked well enough to keep for her. Frozen Freefall, Connect 4, and Jigsaw Extreme (which she LOVES).

+ Do YOU know of any good cheap but preferably FREE kids games in the app store? (Specifically for a 9 year old girl)

+ I’m really excited about next week. It’s going to be filled with friends and family and very minimal hours at work!!!

+ I went to get the second, third, and fourth books in the Remaining series by D.J. Molles that I mentioned yesterday, and oddly enough, the library didn’t have the third book. It’s not like it was checked out and unavailable… they just never ordered it.


+ I’ve felt very BLAH the last couple of days and totally fed up with people. I’ve just wanted to sleep and read. I am looking forward to time spent alone with my kid like you wouldn’t believe.

+ This is the most boring post ever. I literally don’t know what to say. This is one of those times where my mind is boggled at how some people actually CAN blog every day, for really, really real.

+ But whatever, it’s day 21 and I’m still blogging.


11 Comments on “Brain Dump #2”

      1. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself!
        1) This is a real post.
        2) I’m sure you put in more work than I did today.
        3) You have no idea what other people’s lives look like. Maybe they are retired; maybe they are independently wealthy; maybe they are a stay at home parent; maybe they live in their parents’ basement.

        You obviously have a child and a job. It’s a holy miracle you are posting at all, let alone every day!

        I wish I had some good advice on an app, but I use very few games. Sudoku, candy crush, words with friends. That’s about it.

        1. Oh man, thanks for putting things into perspective. You are not the only person today to say I am too hard on myself. Maybe I should take these cues…

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