Brain Dump #3 – Brought to You by Mike Rowe

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+ Mike Rowe is definitely the coolest person I follow on Facebook. He posts just about every day, sometimes promoting his work or causes he is interested in, sometimes about his dog, sometimes very personal (and hilarious) things. He seems like a cool dude that you’d want to be friend’s with. And he’s dead sexy.


+ It snowed two inches in two hours today, which was horrifying until I went outside and saw that once again it was that powdery, light snow that just brushes off and blows away, which is the kind I best tolerate. Win!

+ But work was super slow because of the weather, and BOOOOO I made terrible money tonight. Just not enough customers and too many waitresses. It’s lame. I can’t wait to get more day shifts.

+ I had a million hours of free time today to write a proper blog post but I didn’t because I was watching Black Mirror and OMG that will be another post.

+ I also lost exactly 2 pounds since January 1 and I am super happy about that!

+ But then I ate a bunch of Chinese food for lunch today and it was the kind filled with noodles, not vegetables.



12 Comments on “Brain Dump #3 – Brought to You by Mike Rowe”

    1. Mike Rowe had a show called “Dirty Jobs” where he would go do all the nastiest things you could possibly of getting paid to do… Hilarious. You should Look it up on YouTube.

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