Brain Dump #4 – Brought to You by Tasteless Winter Berries

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  • Elise watched some Malcolm in the Middle and I watched Felicity and Blow after she went to bed.
  • It snowed at least four inches before I shut all the blinds and refused to look out the window
  • I tried the cheap Stop & Shop brand alfredo sauce with my pasta tonight and it was better than any jarred alfredo sauce I’ve ever had
  • I resurrected an old website and installed a fresh WordPress.
  • I realized how nuts it was for me to do this while there are so many other things I say I want to do but don’t.
  • Elise and I ate these strawberries that looked much better than they tasted:


  • I weighed myself this morning and realized I am only 4.2 pounds down for the year, which is only 8.4% of the 50 pounds I want to lose this year, which means I have to lose 4 pounds per month if I want to reach my goal. UGH. Shit just got harder.
  • However, I didn’t really TRY to lose weight in the past two months. I made some good decisions, but mostly bad ones, and certainly didn’t make weight loss the focus of my energy, which I need to do in order to succeed.
  • I finished ANOTHER book today and still haven’t blogged about Station Eleven.

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  1. This post made me laugh. The worst thing about winter is the endless cold day. I don’t get how a winter day with less daylight time goes by much slower than the extended daylight breezy warm days of summer. (How was that for an awkward sentence?)
    The second worst thing about winter is crappy fruit.

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