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So, back in November I talked about how I had given Dan a copy of my WIP and wish I hadn’t because he’d eventually rip it to pieces.  I still sort of feel that way, even though we still haven’t talked about it (which I am fine with) but we have done a lot of talking about writing in general, which I must say is quite nice. It’s great to have someone local to chat with about these things that are really only important to certain people. Even close friends and family – there are a lot of them who would do a read-through and say “Yay, it’s great!” but I share most of my writing challenge pieces with Dan before submission and he is able to give me an extra eye when it comes to grammar and usage and overall theme of stories. And remember, the one he helped me with most won the Editor’s Choice Award. 

Anyway, a few days ago Dan finally sent me a copy of the story he has been working on since November(ish), and I read it last night. And, oh my. Oh, my.

He said that he wrote a lot in high school but hasn’t really done much writing since then, and that he wanted to write this story “to see if he could still do it.”

Well, he definitely can still do it. 

I read through the first three quarters of it with a pen in hand, fixing grammatical errors, writing little smiley faces where it was good and writing “lazy” where it was bad. Then I got to this point where I said to myself “Holy shit. Dan’s a WRITER.” 

And he might just be better than me.

So, what was good just got better for the both of us, I think. He understands that I don’t want him to talk to me about my story because I don’t want someone else’s thoughts, ideas and opinions influencing the story. He, on the other hand, is eager to have feedback and suggestions, which I can barely stop myself from doling out anyway.  

It is totally awesome. I have a writing buddy. 

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