Can I See the Nachos?

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Elise is insane.

Our new thing is we read some Harry Potter every night before bed. Tonight, right after we had finished half of Chapter Seven: The Sorting Hat, I told her:

“You have to go to bed so I can go eat my nachos, I’m hungry!”

“You have nachos? You have nachos? Where? Can I see them? Can I see them?”

She was obsessed with seeing the nachos. Like the little weirdo she is. She doesn’t even really LIKE nachos, even though she likes chili, AND tortilla chips. But she INSISTED on seeing them.

I was dying laughing. Cracking the hell up!

Because what a strange, wonderful little child she is, all wanting to see the nachos.

I felt I had to oblige.

caniseethenachosShe thought the whole thing was pretty funny, too.

We laugh so hard & I love her so much.

And thank god she didn’t drop my nachos all over her bed.

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