Salt Water

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After seeing my lovely therapist this morning, I decided that what I needed more than anything in the entire world was to go to the beach. I just didn’t care that it was January and 31 degrees with a windchill that made it feel much colder. I knew and didn’t care that the wind off the water would probably not … Read More


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  “Estos Americanos pueden besar mi culo!” Father cursed at the middle finger America raised with her soil upon our arrival. I had expected clear skies and grand trees and was left bereft. My father, incensed. Dreams trump reality. There’s no turning back.

Five O’clock Somewhere

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No one bothers me at the grocery store. I’m invisible there, just another overweight, frumpy looking mom wandering the aisles with my cart, telling myself that 33 is still a tender age. I’ll spend ten minutes in the can aisle, picking up tins of peas and green beans in slime even though I would never buy them, because I’m an … Read More

Constant Cold Mornings

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I was just scrolling through my Instagram feed and reminding myself that summer is a thing that actually exists, and that maybe, hopefully, eventually it will come again. Maybe one day I’ll be able to wake up in the morning and see something other than a cold blue sky and snow on the ground, and instead step out into the … Read More

The Stopped Me in My Tracks Sky

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I was putting away some laundry while Elise was in the shower and saw this beautiful blue glow from the balcony door. I parted the curtain and took this first photo, filing it away in my head to post it later as the photo of the day. A minute or two later I was heading downstairs to get something and … Read More

“Blizzard” 2016

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Two days ago I took a photo from this very spot of the sun rising across the street. Today it’s a whole different scene as the full moon comes in its place, shining low and bright in the evening sky, and the “blizzard” of 2016 rolls into town, but so far things aren’t as bad as they have been predicting … Read More


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They say we’re going to get big storms tomorrow. Strong winds and snow and blizzards and things. But today, today we are out and about and getting all the things done and the skies are cloudless and blue and open, and it’s just one of those days where you feel like everything has the potential to go well and just … Read More