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I’ve been wanting to read this book, Seveneves, since I saw it suggested on Amazon to me one day some months ago. However, I’m cheap, and I have BIG THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS on book buying, so I decided not to purchase a paper or digital copy of this book to read, because of these thoughts and opinions on the sale … Read More


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   Currently reading a horror / thriller called Adrift (among other books – I read three in the week I was sick!) and really wish I had the drive and motivation to actually book blog again – or actually really blog again, at all. But alas, I also am pretty adrift right now. 

Currently Reading

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   The Girl on the Train – it’s very Gone Girl-y, I am 50% through and really enjoying it so far.  But really, how does bedtime come so quickly, lately?  I hate the early darkness of fall. 

The 5th Wave Again 

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   I’ve read this book before but I wanted to read it again to refresh my memory before I read its sequel.  This is a YA horror/sci-fi story about an alien invasion.  It’s like Rick Yancy took the story I wanted to read and wrote it just for me. Highly recommended!

Genesis Plague 

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   I saw this book advertised in Bookbub or Pixel of Ink, so it must have been free or $0.99 because that’s how I’ve been finding most of the books I’ve read in the last few years. I thought this was going to just be another tale of a super bug that kills off a huge percentage of the population, … Read More