Still Learning

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My mom told me that my dad really wanted me to make him a lap blanket for Christmas. I agreed, because my dad is notoriously hard to shop for besides basic things like Dunkin gift cards (my go-to gift for him) and now, the occasional book as he’s finally picked up reading as a hobby in his fifties. Of course, … Read More

Crocheting Again

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   It’s the first day of September (WHAT WHAAAAAT) and so why not start a new craft project? I’ve been pretty burnt out on the cross stitching after doing a bunch of that this summer, so tonight I decided to start on the black and white striped blanket I’ve been wanting to make for myself since I made one for … Read More

In Action

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Working on my first rather large cross stitch project which will be a gift for my friend Stef’s wedding. There’s a thing one of my blogging idols says: One idea in action is worth 100 on deck. She’s right.

Whatever, B!@ch

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It took about two days of working on this to finish it and I learned that I love these little tiny projects much more than the big ones because of how satisfying it is to take something from idea to completion in such a small amount of time. However, I also learned that the sparkly silver DMC floss is a … Read More