The Deep Darkness of Sleeping Poorly

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   If you follow me on Twitter you will know two things about me that others might not know, which is that I’m obsessed and Tweet about 2 things in particular more than any other things: sleep and coffee. Sleep and coffee, folks. I can’t ever have enough of either. For all my life I’ve been a night owl, not … Read More

An Elixir of Excitement and Dread

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… I would tell you that I’m going to a wedding today that I have been looking forward to all summer, but my anxiety is threatening to ruin it for me. … I would tell you that I have the intention of giving up alcohol after today, which makes the anticipation of this “last hurrah” as exciting as it is … Read More

That person 

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   I’ve absolutely become that kind of person who always wants some fresh flowers in the house. It has happened. 

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   Went to Costello’s for dinner but we got fogged and frozen out. Still delicious clams. 

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   Got myself a new old recliner today at Restore and it’s doing this crAzy thing where it’s so comfortable it’s putting me to sleep. 

Death Shakes

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I found out today that two people I knew died this past week. Not friends of mine. One was a customer that I waited on probably at least once a week, another was a guy I knew years ago, a friend of a friend whose house I partied at a few times. It just shakes me up, because both deaths … Read More