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It’s the first day of summer. A new season. A new chapter here. And there’s really no gentle way to segue into this one. When my daughter Elise was much younger she was diagnosed with a number of conditions, and because (as some people would say) I am a terrible mother, I didn’t define her, or let our lives be … Read More

Builder of Worlds

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   Jill got Elise a Hello Kitty Lego set for Christmas, and at first when I poured all the pieces out and saw how many there were I didn’t think this would be something that would hold Elise’s attention.  I was wrong.  I think I could get down with Elise collecting and building cool Lego sets. I’ve always wanted one … Read More

This is TEN

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   It’s my little baby’s tenth birthday today.  I can’t believe how fast the last decade has passed by, I can’t believe how much we have both grown and changed.  Do they give out rewards for keeping kids alive this long? 

Christmas Eve 2015

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   It’s the eve of Elise’s tenth birthday tonight, and we almost accidentally killed her with trick candles on her ice cream cake that almost melted before we could eat it.  Trick candles are no joke these days! 

Future Gazing

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   Do you sometimes ever look at your kid and think, holy shit, she’s going to grow up. She’s going to be a bratty teenager and a know-it-all early adult and then finally she’s going to figure shit out and actually BE an adult and that look in her eyes that you love so much, that knowing, seeing, comprehending look … Read More