Modern Life By the Numbers

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I am twenty pounds heavier than last year and ten pounds heavier than I was the first time he told me he loved me. There have been four men since him, and six new apartments. Two roommates, two cats, and one child. Leaning into thirty-five, those numbers are scary. They seem small in the scheme of things when the scheme of things includes light … Read More

The Russian Invasion

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The day the Towers came down my grandparents called me from Florida in a near panic, begging me not to go to work that afternoon. I half listened to my grandmother drawl on about how it wasn’t safe to go over the bridge, the bridge could be a target, they might not be done. I laughed to myself quietly, phone … Read More

Let the Binge Begin

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   When I was a kid my mom loved this show, and because my mom loved this show I did everything in my power to pretend that I hated this show and “suffered” through every episode my mom enjoyed.  Well, hindsight is such a bitch sometimes, because I realize now that I loved this show all along and I was … Read More

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   Too often I look like an old lady with my glasses falling halfway down my nose. 

If You Love What You Do

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I got in trouble at work again this week and now I’m terrified that I’m going to be fired. I gave my boss an attitude. Again. I didn’t mean to. I’m always sorry, because I never mean to, I swear (and swore to him), but saying sorry doesn’t help in this situation, and now I’m facing consequences. He’s cut my … Read More

At the beach.. 

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  Ledge Light out in the distance.  One of my favorite views.    That man was completely fucking insane and stayed in the water for like 20 minutes and it can’t be more than like 55 or 60 degrees.  I wish I had a wide angle zoom lens for this shot.   Connecticut, you ain’t all bad.