I Fed a Giraffe Named Becca Today

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   Becca was super cool. According to our tour guides, she is actually one of the most shy and skittish of the Busch Gardens Tampa giraffes, but she ate right out of my hand (while Elise cowered in fright behind me) and she was totally sweet and cool.  Her tongue was long and black and she drooled a little more … Read More

Rain? Psssh. 

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  It rained this evening, but we went mini-golfing anyway.  I told Elise when we came here last year that we were going to go mini-golfing and we totally missed out on it, and then promised her again this year…  As we got into the car and headed to Smuggler’s Cove the rain started coming down but we kept going … Read More

My Heart Belongs to Them

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   I doubt I’ll ever be lucky enough to find a man as good as my grandfather. He is solid gold, the kindest, smartest, most generous and loving man I’ve ever known.  I can’t put into words how happy and appreciative I am that Elise has been able to get to know him and be loved by him, too.  He’s … Read More

This Weekend

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I took Saturday off work because I didn’t have a good babysitter. Jill’s man is back from an underway and about to go on a longish deployment, and it was my parent’s 22nd wedding anniversary so they went away for the weekend. Having the entire weekend off with Elise and nothing much to do was EXACTLY what I needed. What … Read More

About the Obama Collages

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On one wall in my bedroom you’ll find these two Obama collages. I made a series of four of them out of magazine pages back in the days Obama was first campaigning for president. It’s funny, because just last night Jill asked me about these collages, specifically, do you REALLY like Obama THAT MUCH? Well, I don’t know. I do … Read More

Its Last Insult?

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Yesterday I put a deposit down on a sexy black Jeep Liberty, and today I took the final trip out to Salem in my Camry. I thought a lot about that today as I was on my way to my mom’s house. This is the last time Elise is going to comment from the backseat that she can’t hear the … Read More