Blog Wrangling

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Today, I spent $24 and about three hours “blog wrangling” as I call it. Fighting with CSS code to get my new theme “Zuki” to look the way I want it to look. I’m not quite there yet, because I am not sure how I can get the featured image to NOT show up at the top of all … Read More

Just a Little More Quiet Time

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Late late Thursday night, so late it was really Friday morning, I got back from my trip to Arizona. I joked to Brian before I left him that if I were any more relaxed I would be asleep, and days later I have been lucky enough to hold on to the majority of that deeply relaxed feeling that has left … Read More

I failed and it’s okay.

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Well, I failed. I intended to blog every day for a year and I totally failed. But you know what? That’s okay. Whatever. I’ll try again next year. Or maybe I’ll try again next month, or maybe I won’t try again at all. Well, no. I will try again, January 1 2014 or before, because damnit I CAN DO IT! … Read More

Day 77 – New Digs

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  So, here’s the deal. I made a new website. WWW.HELLOCHENEY.COM Yeah, I know. But the truth is I only have my blog on for the community aspect of it (WAVES HELLO TO ALL THE WONDERFUL NEW BLOGGING FRIENDS I’VE MADE THIS YEAR!) but I actually hate not being able to host my own website and have total control … Read More

New Day, New Digs

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I honestly didn’t intend for my new blog to so closely resemble the color scheme of my shower curtain  but as you can see up there, that’s exactly what happened. It’s a color explosion, an assault on the senses. And I LOVE IT. I have blog ambivalence, is my problem. I am never satisfied with my blog design or CMS, and I … Read More