Voyeurism is for Facebook.

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You know how some people like to say that to write, they need to be depressed, or unhappy, or just generally bent out of shape to be able to do what they have to do? I’ve heard it a lot and I’ve never really bought into that. I’ve been writing more lately than I have in the last few months … Read More


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I’m not dead. By the lack of posts here in the last week or so, you might think otherwise, but I’m not dead. It does seem that the quest to blog for a year is dead – at least for the moment. See, what happened was, is I got really busy with Scope Magazine. I mean, REALLY busy. It’s like … Read More

On(line) Identity

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I have a lot of things to work out, here. Thankfully I have this blog. “They” say it’s cheaper than therapy, and that’s true, as far as I know and can guess, since I’ve never had actual therapy. But you know, talking to myself and whoever else might be reading and willing to comment, it helps sort things out in … Read More

Goodbye, Susan.

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Lots of pressure lately to get things done with not enough inspiration to go around for all the balls in the air.  I’m so excited to be working on something that is important but at the same time I feel anxious because my own creative endeavors are suffering for it. No writing challenges, fluff blog posts, nothing real or of … Read More

The State of the Blog

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Yes, you can do that now. You can follow by blog with Bloglovin. Also, today I joined iBlog4.me – a blogging community, to hopefully get some – any – readers.  I don’t really like to wallow much in the state of my blog, but I can’t lie – it frustrates me that I post every day, … Read More