Liberty Belle

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   AKA Libby. My friends have three Basset Hounds – that’s a whole lot of dog, regardless of their moderate size.  Jasper is the old man who barks at everything, always the grump.  Buford is the 2 year old puppy, all jumpy and excited and still crawling all over you like he’s a 2 WEEK old puppy.  And then there’s … Read More

Day 89 – We Are Mothers

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Today someone asked how long we have been friends and I tilted my head my thinking pose was it in fourth grade that we met? was it in fifth that we became friends? was it in sixth that we became best friends? and then I was struggling to remember what the hell was the name of my sixth grade homeroom … Read More

Those Who Mind Don’t Matter

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Over a month ago I wrote this post, and it started out like this: I haven’t been writing here because I’m going through this thing where I want to say everything, and in the background where you can’t see, I’m writing everything down, but they are mostly ugly things that no one should ever have to see. I am broken. I’m starting … Read More

On “Friends”

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Last night was pretty great. I went downtown to see a rock show all on my own, which is not something that I usually do. I usually roll with my homies, the quiet one among a group of confident, artsy, funny friends. But I just haven’t been feeling as friendly as usual lately, if you couldn’t tell by some of … Read More


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Everyone tells me their secrets. No less than three times today did I hear the words “Don’t tell anyone I told you this.” I guess it comes from being the kind of person who doesn’t talk about herself often. I like to keep myself to myself around people I don’t know all that well or don’t have close relationships with. … Read More