To Never Have a Boss Again

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I think a lot about goals, productivity, motivation, accountability, determination, success and failure. They are all things that I am constantly working on in my own life and just ruminating about in general, and that goes something like this: If this person can do it, why can’t I? Why do I keep on distracting myself and doing things that lead … Read More

Welcome, 2016! 

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Last year I had a list of five intentions for 2015 and I followed through with three out of five. I took a photo every day. I posted to my blog every day. I wrote a book. I think three out of five is pretty damn good. I didn’t lose fifty pounds. I didn’t go on a date. But I … Read More

Fascinating Things

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This, her reflection in a CD, was a fascinating thing today. Now that the year is winding to a close faster than I can even handle – we’re almost to Thanksgiving! UGH! I have been thinking a lot about the goals I set for myself this year and whether I want to continue them next year or add new, different … Read More

People Do Things 

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Well today was quite a day. I took Elise to school, came home, took a shower, fixed myself some more coffee, and watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Then, I procrastinated on the internet for about two and half hours, then had a snack. THEN I wrote 3,036 words, bringing my NaNoWriMo day two total (so far) to … Read More

Just Start

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Yesterday I was forced to give something up in order to change my life – again. I cannot be the only one out there who feels like inside they are constantly changing while on the outside they are doing their best to project the safe, familiar, comfortable and recognizable “selves” to the world. Yesterday I was asked, “How do you … Read More


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   Today we are exactly halfway through the year, and I have taken a photo and posted to my blog every day for six months straight. I really can’t believe I’ve come so far in this project. I’m really hoping that I can stick with it and see it through to the end.  If I do, I’m going to have … Read More

My ‘One Little Word’ For 2015

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Back in 2006, a great blogger and artist named Ali Edwards started a tradition of choosing one word for herself each January that she could mediate, reflect, and focus on while she went about her daily life. She says on her website: What do you do with this one little word? You live with it. You invite it into your life. … Read More