Day 46 – Depression Lies?

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Depression lies. That’s what Jenny The Bloggess said, and I never really understood what she means by that until now. You know, for years, I didn’t believe in depression? Honestly. I literally didn’t believe it was a real thing. I was one of those ignorant people, totally ignorant! and I really thought that people who said they were depressed were … Read More

Day 22 – Just Write. Right?

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Just write. That’s the idea, huh? I’ve believed for a pretty long time that if I just write, if I just keep writing, things will come to me. Things that I want to come to me – like opportunity and recognition and awards – and things that are perhaps unpleasant but that I need to have come to me anyway, … Read More

Life Skills

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“Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.”― Sylvia Plath This week has been all about goals. Last Friday in group we filled out index cards with three goals that we wanted to complete in the coming week. Today, when it got to be my turn to talk about my goals, … Read More