Day 66: The Terminal {1,000 Songs}

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  This is my new Yo-Yo Ma. I have been listening to this entire soundtrack a lot lately and I just love it. The first track really gets me in the mood to write. It makes me feel like a little robot, it is the perfect song to narrate a person’s life. If you haven’t seen the movie The Terminal … Read More

Day 52 – Little Red Wagon {1,000 Songs}

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This is a song that I came across recently while listening to The Duhks radio station on Spotify. It’s something that I have added to my “White River” playlist, which is the placeholder name I gave to my erotic vampire western novel. I needed some down home country tunes, but come on, who likes country music? Is this even considered … Read More

Day 45 – I Heart Yo-Yo

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I don’t know how I possibly went so long into my life without ever listening to a lot of Yo-Yo Ma, because to be honest with you, I have been listening to his recordings NONSTOP while I have been writing in the last two weeks. I mean it – if I am writing creatively, I am listening to Yo-Yo Ma. … Read More

Day 26 – Annabel

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This song has kind of a funny story. Last year, following The Walking Dead on AMC Sunday nights was this new show called Hell on Wheels – I tried desperately to keep up with it while it was on TV but I have never been one to be able to sit through scheduled hours of live television so it fell … Read More

Day 11 – Rebellion (Lies)

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I am new to Arcade Fire. Newish, anyway, and though I’ve been listening to them for about a year or so and have heard this song before, for some reason it’s suddenly taken its hold on me and now I swear I will listen to this song over and over and over again while I’m writing. Something about this song … Read More

Day 3 – That’s What She Say

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Way back in the day I started to record a list of 1,000 new to me songs – an item I borrowed from Maggie Mason to complete on my Life List. Note to self: I should add to the list “Meet Maggie Mason to find out if she’s that effervescent in person.” I find the new music either through Spotify … Read More