She’ll Finally Understand

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A few weeks ago my best friend confided in me that she is pregnant. This didn’t come as a surprise, because she and her husband have been actively trying to get pregnant for a while now, but was exciting to news to hear. I felt immediate delight at the thought of getting to snuggle and sniff at some fresh baby … Read More


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It’s the first day of summer. A new season. A new chapter here. And there’s really no gentle way to segue into this one. When my daughter Elise was much younger she was diagnosed with a number of conditions, and because (as some people would say) I am a terrible mother, I didn’t define her, or let our lives be … Read More

Future Gazing

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   Do you sometimes ever look at your kid and think, holy shit, she’s going to grow up. She’s going to be a bratty teenager and a know-it-all early adult and then finally she’s going to figure shit out and actually BE an adult and that look in her eyes that you love so much, that knowing, seeing, comprehending look … Read More

That Look

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   “Where’s my Ellie Elephant?” “I don’t know, it’s bedtime. There’s no time to look for her now. We will find her tomorrow.” “But I need her to sleep!”  “You didn’t need her last night. You’ll be fine, you have all these others.” “But -” “But nothing. It’s bedtime. We’ll find Ellie tomorrow. Now, no getting out of bed to … Read More

Not Always a Walk in the Park

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   It was a beautiful day, for the first day of fall.  I’m not one of those Pumkin People who spaz out at the thought of 50 degree mornings and PSL’s and the changing leaves because oh my fucking God WINTER IS COMING. It was a beautiful day, though. I was fresh back from a sweet vacation.  I was in … Read More

Snuggle Time 

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A few months ago I bought myself my very first reclining chair from ReStore for $50 and told myself that it was the best $50 I have ever spent. I love recliners. They’re so comfy. For sitting, for dozing, for crafting, for writing, for reading, for sleeping. I love them. My parents have one in their house that I have … Read More