I’m a Hack… Time to Hack It.

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Chuck Wendig has done it again over on his Terrible Minds blog, by writing another gut punching blog post that really resonated with me as a non-writing writer. How to Motivate Yourself as a Writer¬†¬†has done something to me that nothing else in the last year has been able to do. It’s made me realize that this is all on … Read More


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There was no plan for this year. No plan other than “Do NaNoWriMo” because I’ve been doing it for the last SEVEN YEARS and I felt like if I didn’t at least make an attempt this year I would feel terrifically shitty about it. Turns out, trying is making me feel even more shitty than I could have possibly imagined. … Read More

What to Write?

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  Now that NaNoWriMo is over, I have to figure out what to do with myself, writing wise. Unless I continue on with either story I started during the month of November, I will have to start with something new, which I am considering doing, although my creativity seems to be at a low point when it comes to ideas … Read More

60, 319 Words. Kinda.

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So, I started off NaNoWriMo with a BANG and wrote 40,000 words in seven days. Then I realized that my story was totally whack and made no sense in a number of ways, like forgetting what characters do, extreme lack of foreshadowing that makes it seem like I forgot what I was writing about – which I did, etc. After … Read More

What Makes Me Sick

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What makes me sick is the potential that I know I have and don’t use. It’s the time that I whittle away bullshitting with friends or crocheting more blankets that I really (probably) don’t need. Time in front of the television makes me sick, time away from my computer makes me sick, time NOT WRITING makes me sick. This is … Read More