Modern Life By the Numbers

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I am twenty pounds heavier than last year and ten pounds heavier than I was the first time he told me he loved me. There have been four men since him, and six new apartments. Two roommates, two cats, and one child. Leaning into thirty-five, those numbers are scary. They seem small in the scheme of things when the scheme of things includes light … Read More

when you’re alone

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it doesn’t have to be the scariest thing in the world to get out of bed in the morning i know how it feels sometimes, the quickening, the fear, the panic, and how much you would rather crawl back back into a place that feels safe but you don’t have to be afraid all the time

You Can’t Have Love

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You can’t have love but you can have this kiss out in the rain on Providence Street, you can have this perfect man pressing you up against the kitchen sink whispering in your ear, you’re so beautiful, and you’re only twenty years old then, so you don’t know yet how bleak it will get, that you’ll get to 34 and … Read More

Not For Me

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I ask with  my smiles I ask swinging my hips I ask with hot meals and Sweet desserts I ask shyly I ask opening my legs I ask with witty Profile descriptions I ask for love But the answer Is always No Thank you to all who read this sad little poem and voted for me this week. I am … Read More

91/365 – Where Did You Go?

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sometimes when i wake up i am still wrapped in your soft blue sheets i am still laying next to that shuttered window that lets that perfect light in and for a minute i lay there waiting for you to come back into the room but where did you go? where did you go? where did you go?

90/365: One Dark Side of Secrets

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i just want to go up and say i know something about you all dramatic and dark and grab her in a back alley and shove her up against a wall and i just imagine myself in a different body as a different person i imagine myself powerful because i want to be someone else i want to be the … Read More

Day 89 – We Are Mothers

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Today someone asked how long we have been friends and I tilted my head my thinking pose was it in fourth grade that we met? was it in fifth that we became friends? was it in sixth that we became best friends? and then I was struggling to remember what the hell was the name of my sixth grade homeroom … Read More