I Needed You

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This kind of desperate inspiration is like fingernails scraping the walls of my empty room. The last time I left you were right there, right where you’re supposed to be & then you were walking away, you didn’t see me put my hand against the window to wave goodbye. I figure this much: Tonight I owe you something I can’t … Read More

Anyone Who Touches Me Breaks My Heart

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Maybe it’s because I can’t handle being alone And the men that I find just don’t give enough Or they are not there enough It’s either me or them who’s never enough But I know there’s a word for me And it is: Hopeless Maybe it’s because I’ve faked so many orgasms I might have forgotten what a real one … Read More


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Every day I choke back more poison to keep from choking you, to keep the taste of days past lingering on my tongue. It’s not my fault you’re fallen at my feet now, my dear. It seems you ask me questions that you don’t want the answers to anyway, so why deny your suffering? Why take away our cross? Simple. … Read More

Ever tried, ever failed + You’re Gone

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Eighteen straight days of blogging ended because I went on a date, was irrationally let down by the date, and then I wallowed in a stupor of weepiness and melancholy with Alisha for the last two days.  Saturday morning, Elise and I were sitting at the kitchen counter stools and she tried to slide her stool closer to mine but … Read More

In the Beginning With Love

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The way I see it You’re the one haunting my mind. You’re just offstage You’re right outside the door. I’m sure that any minute I could run up to you And end this waiting But you’re still such a mystery to me I’m afraid sometimes that I Dreamed you up You aren’t real And I keep trying to forget the … Read More

Sad But True

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To everyone else I will insist It’s as if time did not exist before you But now you’ve proven I mean nothing And I’ve run myself into the ground Trying to prove you wrong. Where I am is underneath li(n)es, poems, songs. What this is Is sad but true To little too late And a whole list of phrases That … Read More